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यह आपका अबाउट पेज है। आप कौन हैं, आप क्या करते हैं और आपकी वेबसाइट को क्या पेशकश करनी है, इसकी पूरी पृष्ठभूमि देने का यह स्थान एक शानदार अवसर है। अपनी सामग्री का संपादन शुरू करने के लिए टेक्स्ट बॉक्स पर डबल क्लिक करें और उन सभी प्रासंगिक विवरणों को जोड़ना सुनिश्चित करें जिन्हें आप साइट विज़िटर को बताना चाहते हैं।

दल से मिले

Micoud Chocolate Company is from the beautiful Island of St Lucia.  Its journey began in October 2018 when four women were trained by Ms. Gillian Goddard of the Alliance of Rural Communities of Trinidad and Tobago (ARCTT).  Upon completion of our formal training,  we continued the production of 60%, 70% & 80% Dark Chocolate, with the brand name MICOUD.  We have also ventured into the production of cocoa cubes and other flavored chocolate bars.

Well, of course, the name says it all: Yes, we are from the Micoud area in St Lucia and only purchase beans from farmers within this area (Region 4 Agricultural Area) for our chocolate process. The Micoud Chocolate Company is a registered business under the Micoud Cluster of St Lucia Network of Rural Women Producers.

The company has six  members, each with assigned roles and duties.  Their ages range from 50 to 65 years old.  These members are engaged in their own individual enterprises (farming, agro processing, catering, soap making, etc.). We also have two younger members  who are occasionally engaged in the production and sales of the chocolate.

Our dark chocolate can be purchased at any Massy Stores in St Lucia, Admac LTD, Sea Island Cotton stores and at our agro processing facility located At Anse Ger/ Desruisseaux.  We can be contacted at

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