Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective Sampler
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Have you been craving the joy and promise of a rich, velvety and
equitable chocolate experience?

Welcome to the Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective!!

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Your purchase of this collection sampler allows the purchase of additional machines, as well as making investments in ongoing education in chocolate making, marketing, and technical farming expertise that will benefit not only members of the Collective, but also their extended farming communities. If you wish to do more to contribute to the Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective, please consider purchasing a gift card, making a direct donation, or by purchasing chocolate making equipment to support our efforts.

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For as long as Cocoa has been grown as a commercial crop, there has been a divide between those who grow the cocoa and those who make the chocolate. Cocoa is labour, chocolate is luxury.

What becomes of a cocoa farmer's dreams when they are separated from the dreamer, extracted and shipped off to be a commodity beyond our reach? Do they ever materialize? Can equity and justice to a cocoa farmer look and feel like us growing, harvesting, processing, tempering, flavouring, and molding our own beans? For us at the Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective, we believe the answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Sharing our information, insight, skills, support, and encouragement, The Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective is rewriting that narrative, and decolonizing the market bean by bean. Our innovative model enables members to cultivate the fruit, process the beans, temper the couverture, and sell our own chocolate.

At first, we experimented with planting and harvesting beans individually and in small communities. Some of us have built businesses. Some of us lacked the equipment and the capital, while others struggled to navigate the marketplace of established insider relationships.  But now, here we are---cacao growers in continental Africa and the Caribbean--building a movement from the ground up and building it together.  


Members of the Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective

We are immensely proud to announce our first unified product: The Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective Sampler. This luxurious collection of 12 mini bars is made by the same hands that planted the seeds and harvested the beans.

With our exclusive pre-sale offer, you can help us build capacity by getting chocolate-making equipment into the hands of even more farmers. We're so excited to share this collection with you! Our beans are roasted and our grinders are churning, with new ones firing up in #Dominica, #Uganda, #Cameroon, and #Ghana to join the tried and tested in #Nigeria, #Jamaica, #Malawi, #IvoryCoast, #TrinidadandTobago,  and #Grenada! And our surprise #USA bar is also in the mix!

Please join us in this revolutionary venture.  Purchase/participate by clicking here.  Buy a sampler for yourself, or divide it up and gift to others. Even better, talk to us about a wholesale purchase and put it on your shop shelves. Your box will be mailed out the first week of December in time for holiday gifting. The first 50 shoppers will also get exclusive access to our Virtual Meet the Makers tours and tastings.

Join the #CrossAtlanticChocolateCollective where the dream of turning cacao farmers into chocolate makers
is coming true!

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