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Pieces of Chocolate

ARC Caribbean Wholesale Marketplace

Welcome, bulk buyers and thank you for your interest in our local chocolate products!

Chocolate Rebellion/ARC Caribbean Wholesale Marketplace is a project of the Alliance for Rural Communities (ARC), an NGO founded and made up of residents of rural and semi-rural communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.  ARC supports & develops financially independent, community owned rural businesses utilizing rural resources, labor and creativity. We focus on the cacao sector to further human development and restoration of the natural environment and we follow a strict triple bottom line model of paying attention to “People, Planet, Profits” in that order. Since 2014, we have worked with seven communities in Trinidad and Tobago, two in St Lucia, and one in Guyana. These groups have proudly established seven community-owned and operated chocolate companies that are producing dark chocolate bars and cocoa products that are available in over 50 stores throughout the Caribbean. 


Whether you're a gift shop owner, hotelier, cruise ship, or confectioner, we are so excited to now be able to supply wholesale local cocoa and chocolate options made from some of the best beans in the Caribbean!  

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