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هذه هي صفحة "حول" الخاصة بك. تعد هذه المساحة فرصة رائعة لإعطاء خلفية كاملة عن هويتك وماذا تفعل وما يجب أن يقدمه موقع الويب الخاص بك. انقر نقرًا مزدوجًا فوق مربع النص لبدء تحرير المحتوى الخاص بك وتأكد من إضافة جميع التفاصيل ذات الصلة التي تريد أن يعرفها زوار الموقع.

قابل الفريق

Chiinga Musonda and Lynn Musonda Phiri are co-founders of Savanna Premium Chocolate an internationally recognized award-winning chocolate brand and Zambia’s first bean-to-bar chocolate maker.


“Did you know that while 70% of the world’s cocoa beans is grown in Africa, only 1% of the world’s chocolate is produced in Africa!”. Our goal is to change this narrative and build a global brand of African-made luxury chocolates while bringing more growth and employment to Africa. We make African grown and produced chocolates from Africa’s finest naturally organic single-origin cocoa beans, exotic fruit and superfoods – no gluten, GMOs, palm oil or artificial flavors and colors.


We purchase our cocoa beans directly from farmers to ensure it’s the freshest and of the finest quality while empowering farmers to create sustainable futures. We are a woman-owned business which employs predominately women from disadvantaged backgrounds and we source our cocoa beans from a women’s cooperative. With Savanna Premium Chocolate we want to bring more employment to African women.


Savanna Premium Chocolate’s Ginger Milk Chocolate Bar won the 2019 European Bronze International Chocolate Awards and the team also won the Founders of the Year at the 2019 Southern Africa Startup Awards.

Lynn Musonda-Phiri & Chiinga Musonda Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective Members
Savanna Premium Chocolates
Savanna Premium Chocolate Collage
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